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by Kuchora

Raph/Don is always amazing! First of all, awesome pairing. Now that I got that out of the way, I'd like to comment on the texture. It's...

I really like this. Some may not get the humour and some may not like the sweat coming off him (people do that!) This is original, I ha...

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Black, White, and Monochrome_Ishimondo_Chap.4
In the blink of an eye, the group found themselves in another room. It wasn’t a room Taka recognized, it didn’t really look like it belonged in a school either. It was rectangular in shape and rather large; it was also empty of any objects whats so ever, not even a camera. It appeared to be made completely out of un-painted wood, from the floor to the walls to the ceiling. It almost looked like a box.
The black haired prefect looked over to the white haired prefect, he looked absolutely terrified. The pale complexion of his face had started to turn an unhealthy shade of blue as he breathed unevenly. He looked like he was going to be sick.
“Wha-…. Where are we?” Mondo asked, his mouth going dry out of nervous fear.
“Doesn’t matter” A simple reply as a figure emerged from the non-existent shadows. A face that they had all seen way to much today. The man smiled an eerie smile and nodded his head in a sort of greeting. “Hello Black, Whi
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LEGO Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Commissions
I am opening commissions! (Yippie! :PizzaParty: )


  • Head to shoulders = 4 points
  • Head to waist = 8 points
  • Head to knees = 12 points
  • Full body = 16 points
  • Mature is an extra = 5 points
  • Black and white = 8 points extra
  • Full colour = 10 points extra
  • Sketch = Nothing extra
  • Digital = 2 points extra
  • Hand drawn = Nothing extra








~Thank you all in advance!~



[SPOILERS] Concerned for you PG 3 - IshiMondo
Hey guys. 

Here is the next part.


Mondo: I gotta go...See ya.




~ PookieGrace ~
[SPOILERS] Concerned for You - IshiMondo PG 2
Hey guys.

Here is the next part!


Taka: That's easy. You're my best friend and brother. I love you, Mondo.


Mondo: You don't mean that...


Taka: Of course I do, why wouldn't I?


Mondo: ...


Taka: Mondo...?


~ PookieGrace ~
[SPOILERS] Concerned for You PG 1 - IshiMondo
Hey guys. 

First I showered you with KomaHina, now I shower you with IshiMondo.


Mondo: "I'm fine!"
Mondo: "You don't have to worry about me!"
Mondo: "Of course I'm sure, bro!"
Mondo: I know you're always here for me, bro,
Mondo: Yeah, I'd tell you if something is wrong.
Mondo: I care about you too.
Mondo: I said I'm fine!


Taka: Bro, I know there's something wrong. Why are you shutting all of us out?


Mondo: I...I just...I'm fine, Taka.


Taka: You're not fine! Please tell me what's wrong. I'm worried about you and I care about you.


Mondo: Why...?


Taka: Huh?


Mondo: Why do you care about me? 


~ PookieGrace
Fight Against Death [KomaHina]
Nagito komaeda Chat Emotion [1] Heya guys. Nagito Icon .:Free To Use:. 

Nagito Komaeda Clap Icon You guessed it, this is more KomaHina artwork (which is practically my life right now). Nagito Komaeda Grin Icon 

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What if Mondo Oowada never murderer Chihiro Fujisaki and joined Byakuya Togami, Makoto Naegi, Aoi Asahina, Yasuhiro Hagakure, Kyoko Kirigiri and Toko Fukawa as the final seven in the killing school known as Hope’s Peak Academy? And just who is the mastermind behind it all?


“Bro...What’s wrong?” a familiar, friendly, warm and inviting voice asked as a warm, hand gently shook Mondo’s shoulder.

Mondo raised his head, only slightly, up from the pillow in which he has buried it in. Mondo was surprised to see Kiyotaka’s concerned face staring down at him. “B-Bro!? How the hell did you get in here? I thought I locked the door?” Mondo asked.

“Nevermind about that, you were shaking and groaning, did something happen?” Kiyotaka asked.

“It’s nothing.” Mondo insisted, turning his head back to the killer to avoid Kiyotaka’s gaze.

“It's not nothing, tell me right now.” Kiyotaka demanded.

When Mondo didn't reply, Kiyotaka grabbed his shoulders and turned Mondo onto his back. Surprised, Mondo looked up and saw Kiyotaka’s concerned expression. Mondo knew that there was no use trying to insist that he was fine, Kiyotaka would figure out the truth eventually. With a sigh, Mondo gave in, “I was just thinking about what that fucking bear said earlier.”

“About revealing our secrets to the world if there isn't a murder within twenty four hours?” Kiyotaka asked.

“Yeah, that. I just don't feel good remembering or talking about it and to have someone else expose it is so damn frustrating!” Mondo exclaimed.

“Is your secret about Daiya’s death?” Kiyotaka asked.

Mondo looked down and nodded slowly, assuming Kiyotaka had guessed because Mondo told him about his brother's death while they were in the sauna together. Kiyotaka gently held Mondo’s hand in his own, causing the Ultimate Biker Gang Leader to look at him in surprise, a clear blush visible on his face. “Don't worry about it, I’m sure no one will mind. Besides, it's not like you intended to kill your brother, he went in front and took the hit with his own free will.” Kiyotaka said.

“But-” Mondo was cut off by Kiyotaka.

“No buts! The others will all say the exact same thing as me, I’m sure, and besides…” Kiyotaka said before pausing to lean in closer to Mondo to whisper, “Even if they don't, you still have me.”

Kiyotaka was did have a point. It was a good thing Mondo had Kiyotaka by his side and Kiyotaka managed to calm his anxiety before Mondo did something he could never take back. “Sorry you had to see me in such a state.” Mondo apologised as Kiyotaka pulled away.

“Nonsense! That's what brothers are for.” Kiyotaka replied with a smile.

Mondo smiled back. That was the last time he would smile at Kiyotaka as himself.


When Chihiro Fujisaki was found dead, everyone suspected Genocide Jack, a fiendish serial killer who also happened to be Toko Fukawa’s other personality. However, Makoto figured out that she was framed by Byakuya Togami who then came under suspicion. Once Byakuya’s innocence was proven, suspicion fell on Mondo. “W-What? I’m not the fucking killer! Chihiro came to me asking me to help him train so I agreed. I went to get some training equipment for him and when I came back, the dude was dead.” Mondo explained.

“It would make sense if Mondo was the killer, he was the first to discover Chihiro’s body.” Celeste said, ignoring what Mondo had just said completely.

“Hang on! My bro would never murder anyone!” Kiyotaka had exclaimed.

“Well, clearly the killer killed to protect their secret from being exposed so if Mondo isn't the killer, he should have no problem telling us his secret.” Celeste replied.

“No way in fucking hell! That doesn't even make fucking sense. Besides, I'm not the only one who doesn't want to reveal their secret! We established this yesterday!” Mondo said.

“I don’t think it was Mondo.” Makoto said, “In fact, I don’t actually think it was anyone.”

“What? So no one is the murderer? But that means…” Asahina said, trailing off as a certain question sprung into everyone’s minds.

Pulling out evidence after evidence and backing them up with explanations as well as refuting anyone who tried to dispute his points, Makoto began to piece together what really happened on the night of Chihiro Fujisaki’s death. The truth became painfully clear.

Unable to handle the pressure, anxiety, depression and self-loathing Chihiro felt, he committed suicide.

Agreeing with Makoto, everyone voted for Chihiro as his own killer. They were right. Mondo was alive, but he didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. From where Kiyotaka was standing, he gave Mondo a reassuring smile. Mondo smiled back. At least Mondo had Taka by his side.


When Kiyotaka was murdered, Mondo was determined to not fall into despair. Even though Mondo didn't know would murder someone like his Taka, he refused to fall into despair. His Taka wouldn't want Mondo to fall into despair. Even though Mondo wasn't good at thinking, he couldn't just stay on guard and not contribute to finding Kiyotaka’s murderer so Asahina took his place on guard duty and Mondo helped with the investigation.

When it was revealed that Hifumi was manipulated by Celeste- or rather Taeko Yasuhiro- to murder Kiyotaka, Mondo simply wanted to know why. When Celeste explained about her fantasy, Mondo was angry. Taka died in vain, he died for something stupid and selfish. Mondo didn't hold any disdain against Hifumi, after all he was manipulated by Celeste, but at the same time he didn't resent Celeste, after all everyone wanted to get out of there. However, Mondo did resent someone, “I should've protected him…” Mondo said.

“You couldn't have known what would happen to Taka.” Sakura said in an attempt to comfort Mondo.

“Puhuhuhu, it's all of your faults.” Monokuma said with a giggle, “If you all weren't so selfish, none of this would have happened.”

Throughout Celeste’s execution, Mondo felt no satisfaction. The ring leader behind Kiyotaka’s death may be dead, but that wouldn't bring back his Taka.


“We know you're the mastermind, Junko, so you might as well reveal yourself!” Makoto Naegi shouted at the animatronic bear known as Monokuma, or more specifically, the person controlling Monokuma behind the monitor.

Monokuma was silent for a while. “An answer this fucking year would be nice, shithead!” Mondo snapped at the bear.

After watching their friends kill each other and die, the survivors were way past annoyed, although some were better at hiding it than others. “Puhuhuhu, as always, your words are cold, Mondo.” Monokuma replied.

“Just reveal yourself!” Byakuya demanded.

“Hmmm….Alright, I will, but only after you vote.” Monokuma answered.

“Vote? But if we vote for you-” Aoi is cut off by Monokuma.

“Then I’ll execute myself, of course, but only if you get it right.” Monokuma replied.

“Is this all there really is to it, though? This all seems a little too easy.” Yasuhiro said.

“S-Shut up, w-we’re finally going to leave this f-freaking place!” Toko replied.

“Don't get me wrong, I want to get out of this place too, but-” Yasuhiro was cut off by Monokuma.

“Now then, this probably goes without saying by now, by please use the levers in front of you to cast your vote. Puhuhu, who will you chose? Who's it gonna be? Who's it gonna be?” Monokuma excitedly asked.

Using the levers in front of them, everyone casted their vote on who they were sure was the mastermind. Although, none of them could honestly say they are one hundred percent certain, for in each of their minds, there was a seed of doubt. As the votes were counted, the slot machine rolled and when it stopped, Junko Enoshima’s face was displayed, however the usual jungle that accompanied the revelation of the votes, did not sound. “Puhuhuhu!” Monokuma giggled.

“Um...Why is he still laughing?” Yasuhiro asked.

“It's over, mastermind, we beat you.” Togami said.

“You beat me? Well, I’ll just reveal myself then so we can see if you really have beaten me.” Monokuma said.

Before any of the students could say another word, there was a puff of smoke. They couldn't make out who was standing there, but it was obvious that the silhouette didn't belong to Junko Enoshima. Instead, who they saw standing there shocked all of them. “B-Bro!?” Mondo exclaimed.

Ishimaru smiled at him, just like he always had, and replied, “I’m happy to see you too, Mondo.”

Ishimaru’s usual white school uniform, was now half white and half black. His shirt was buttoned up with red buttons all along the black half and he had gold shoulder pads. Lying at Ishimaru’s feet was Monokuma. “B-But we all s-saw-” Toko began but was cut off by a sneeze escaping her, causing Genocide Jack to come out.

“It's your favourite neighbourhood serial killer!” Genocide Jack exclaimed, before noticing Ishimaru.

A confused look spread across her face as Genocide Jack asked, “Woah, wait, didn't he die? Or am I just crazy?”

As Genocide Jack bursted into laughing, Byakuya said, “We thought he was murdered, but he isn't. It appears he is actually the mastermind.”

“Don't fucking say that about him!” Mondo snapped, refusing to accept the brutal truth.

“Mondo's right, it makes no sense!” Asahina exclaimed.

“Puhuhu, as much as I enjoy all this attention from my beloved Mondo, I have to admit that it's true- I’m the mastermind.” Ishimaru said.

Mondo glared and said, “Quit fucking around, you’re not the fucking mastermind.”

“It doesn't make sense, all signs point to Junko being the mastermind.” Kyoko, who ever since Ishimaru was revealed as the mastermind had been staring downwards in silent confusion, said.

“Oh, well, she was originally. After Hifumi attacked me I fell unconscious, but I was wasn't dead. When Junko came to dispose of my body while you guys went to trial, I attacked her and managed to kill her. Honestly, I thought she would be more of a challenge than that.” Ishimaru explained.

“Wait, then if Mukuro’s body is the one we found earlier, and Junko’s is in the lab where it should be, there who’s body is where your body should be?” Kyoko asked.

“The previous headmaster, of course, Jin Kirigiri.” Ishimaru replied.

Kyoko was going paler by the minute as had to steady herself by grabbing the object in front of her. “Kyoko, are you okay?” Makoto asked.

However, his response came from the mastermind who said, “That expression on ber face! It's the total definition of despair!”

Byakuya glared at the mastermind and said, “I swore on the name of my family that I would personally kill the mastermind, I intend to make good with that promise.”

“Well, the thing about swearing is that it's against the school rules.” Ishimaru replied.

“But you said you’d execute yourself if we figured out who the mastermind was.” Yasuhiro said.

Ishimaru pointed to Junko’s face that lighting up on the machine behind them and said, “Do I seriously need to remind you? You all voted for Junko Enoshima as the mastermind and although she was the mastermind, you needed to guess the current mastermind, which you didn't. Therefore, the ones who are actually getting punished are you all!”

“A-All of us are getting executed?” Asahina gasps.

“Y-You can't do that!” Yasuhiro exclaims.

“Oh, but I did it to Celeste- oh, excuse me, I should really be saying Taeko.” Ishimaru replied before adding, “But I suppose just this once I can slightly bend the rules.”

“So...You’re not going to execute us?” Makoto asked, although he should have known it was a stupid question.

“I said slightly. As in, I’ll execute all of you except for one person.” Ishimaru said.

Ishimaru walked over to Mondo, who was staring downwards and gently grabbed Mondo’s chin and lifts it up so their eyes lock. Despite everything, there was no despair in Mondo’s eyes. There was sadness, anger, confusion, even traces of fear, but no despair. Ishimaru then asked with a smirk, “You can't expect me to execute my precious Mondo, can you?”

Mondo tried to pull Ishimaru’s hand off his face, but Ishimaru just tightened his grip on Mondo’s soft skin. “I have something else in mind for you, love, I’ll make you fall into despair by watching all your friends get executed and then we’ll send this world into despair together.” Ishimaru said.

“No fucking way I’m going to help you destroy the world!” Mondo exclaimed.

“Destroy it? Oh no, I want quite the opposite. I’m going to force the world into perfect order. Actually, to be more accurate, we’re going to force the world into perfect order.” Ishimaru replied.

Ishimaru gently planted a kiss on Mondo’s hand. Despite the cringe that was on Mondo’s face, there was also an undeniable blush. Ishimaru turned towards the others and asked, “I guess it's about time to get this ball rolling, wouldn't you agree?”

“No! We're not going to give up now! We’re not going to die!” Makoto exclaimed.

“That's what you keep saying, but we’ll see how strong your hope really is. I’ve prepared a very special punishment for each of you, Byakuya Togami the Ultimate Affluent Progeny, Toko Fukawa the Ultimate Writing Prodigy, Aoi Asahina the Ultimate Swimming Pro, Yasuhiro Hagakure the Ultimate Clairvoyant, Kyoko Kirigiri the Ultimate Detective and Makoto Naegi the Ultimate Lucky Student.” Ishimaru said, pausing to pick up Monokuma and, mimicking Monokuma’s voice, added, “Let’s give it everything we’ve got! IIIIIIITTTTTT’S PUNISHMENT TIIIIIIIIIIME!!!”

As Ishimaru pressed the shiny, red button, a mental chain came and locked around each of the six student’s neck and began to drag them off to their executions. “Mondo, help us!” Asahina begged right before being dragged out of sight.

Mondo tried to grab Makoto’s hand before he was dragged out of sight too but he couldn't get there in time and just like the other five students, he disappeared.


Byakuya Togami’s execution began with him being dumped into a garbage can. As he feIl, the garbage can led Byakuya into a place that looked like something that could not be described by words, other than one- Hell. Suddenly, Monokuma, who was dressed like an elementary student, appeared and began to throw stones at Byakuya for looking like a dirty hobo. Byakuya then tried to escape, but his only option was a cold and snowy place. Byakuya had no choice but to accept his fate and die from his wounds and hypothermia.

Mondo, who had been tied to a chair and forced to watch this on a monitor, tried to avert his eyes from the screen. However, every time he did, the mastermind forced Mondo to look at the screen again. “D..Damn you…” Mondo mumbled as the mastermind firmly held his head in place.

The mastermind laughed, “Oh look, Toko’s next.” he said.

“You bastard, stop this right now!” Mondo demanded.

“Never.” the mastermind purred.


The scene on the monitor changed to show Toko Fukawa being thrown into complete darkness. Suddenly, Byakuya appeared in the distance and Toko begins to run towards him. Suddenly, a huge roller appeared between the two of them. Toko tried desperately to escape but the roller caught up with her and presses her paper-thin, her bones all being crushed. That was the death of Toko Fukawa, the Ultimate Writing Prodigy.

Mondo was still cringing from the crunching sound of Toko’s bones being crushed when the execution was over. The mastermind, on the other hand, was howling with laughter. “Maybe she'll get her kiss from him in the afterlife.” the mastermind inappropriately and grimly joked.

“You're fucking sick! They considered us their friends, you know? Doesn't that mean anything to you?” Mondo snapped.

“Do you really think they ever cared about anyone besides themselves? They're just ungrateful and quick to judge, just like the rest of humanity.” the mastermind bitterly replied.

For a split second, sadness showed on the mastermind’s face and he looked like the Kiyotaka Mondo - who actually considered asking if he was okay - knew before, but it was only for a split second. After that, the mastermind regained his usual insane expression as Asahina appeared on the screen.


Aoi Asahina was placed in a water tank. From above, Monokuma, dressed as a magician, appeared and waved his staff. Suddenly, curtain fell, a drum roll sounding as it rose. A group of sharks were now in the tank, surrounding Aoi. Once again, Monokuma waved his staff and the curtain fell. As the drum roll sounded and the curtain rose, Aoi was absent from the tank but there was blood around the shark’s mouths. The Ultimate Swimming Pro, Aoi Asahina, had been eaten by sharks.

As Mondo was forced to watch the death of his classmate, the memory of how Asahina had called out to him before they were dragged to their deaths kept haunting him. If Mondo hadn't let his guard down, the mastermind wouldn't have killed all his friends. Mondo’s friends were killed because of his weakness- just like Mondo's brother Daiya. Guilt and horrible memories filled Mondo’s head, causing Mondo to scream out in despair. The mastermind looked into Mondo's eyes and said with a smile, “There it is.”

“What?” Mondo asked, feeling weak.

“Your eyes are finally starting to show despair in them, but at the same time there's still some hope in there that I need to crush.” the mastermind replied.

As if on cue, the monitor changed to show Yasuhiro.


On the monitor, Yasuhiro Hagakure appeared as a contestant on a quiz show set. Before him there were 3 doors labeled 'A', 'B', and 'C'. There was a 1/3 probability that one was an execution. Trusting his luck, Yasuhiro tried to enter the 'A' door. The door then grew hands and feet and escaped. Next, Yasuhiro tried door 'B' but it does the same thing. Only door 'C' is left, which is sure to be an execution. Yasuhiro isn't willing to step through the door, knowing it is an execution, but a mouth appeared on the door and proceeded to eat him. Thus was the demise of Yasuhiro Hagakure, the Ultimate Clairvoyant.

“T-That wasn’t even fair!” Mondo snapped.

“Yasuhiro was told that one of the doors was an execution- which was true. The other two doors were not executions, they just weren’t means of escape, but that wasn’t promised.” the mastermind replied.

The mastermind was right, he was right and Mondo hated that he was so much. Noticing Mondo’s dismay, the mastermind laughed and asked, “I bet you’re really feeling the despair, huh?”

“I’m never going to succumb to you or despair, not after you killed-” Mondo was cut off by the mastermind.

“It won’t be long before I have you on your knees in front of me, wondering why you ever tried to resist despair or me, but for now, we still have two more executions. I’ve been wanting to get rid of Miss Kirigiri for a while actually, so this will be very satisfying for me.” the mastermind said.

Mondo knew he shouldn’t have looked at the monitor, which was now showing Kyoko.


Kyoko Kirigiri was injected with a lethal, fast-acting poison into her bloodstream, with a small electronic jingle. The poison spread through Kyoko’s body at a rapid pace, turning the left side of her body dark purple. Kyoko’s blood vessels then became engorged, especially in her left eye, which turned red and caused her to begin "crying" blood as a result of the increased pressure. A few agonising moments for Kyoko passed before she finally breathed her last. Kyoko Kirigiri, the Ultimate Detective, was now dead.

Out of all the executions that had been displayed thus far, Kyoko’s was the most explicit and gruesome. However, despite the pain she was in, it was clear that even in her last agonising moments, Kyoko never gave into despair. Kyoko Kirigiri was indeed strong- a quality Mondo did not possess. “Y-You bastard!” Mondo exclaimed while trying to hold back the tears threatening to fall.

“To be honest, I thought you would’ve fallen into despair by now.” the mastermind said, ignoring the insult Mondo had thrown at them.

A devilish smirk appeared on the mastermind’s face as he said, “But we still have one more to watch and this time, there's no one to save him.”


The monitor changed to Makoto Naegi who was in a room filled with school desks. In the center there was a large conveyor belt where the desk Makoto was tied to was located. As he sat there, it started moving backwards towards the end of the room. Behind Makoto at the end of the conveyor belt was a large block resembling a trash compactor that slammed down every few seconds, intending to crush whatever was underneath. Above Makoto was a television showing Monokuma's face on it. As Makoto’s desk moved backwards, Monokuma dressed as a teacher appeared in front of him and attempted to teach him a lesson in class, which was actually sex education. While this happened, Makoto constantly turned his gaze behind him, nervously watching the compactor. Eventually, Makoto’s desk goes under the compactor and Makoto Naegi, the Ultimate Lucky Student, is crushed flat.

...They were dead...

...They were all dead...

...It was all because of him…

...All of Mondo’s friends died because of him...

The mastermind laughed. “How about that, Mondo? Are you in total despair?” the mastermind asked.

Mondo glared at the mastermind. There was still hope in Mondo’s violet eyes as they burned with fury. In fact, there was actually even less traces of despair than before. Instead, there was burning fury, determination and hope. “Not in a million fucking years, you dick!” Mondo snapped, surprising the mastermind.

“All that and you still haven't fallen into despair? No matter, I always love a challenge and I’ve prepared something else just in case this happened.” the mastermind said.

The mastermind gestured to the monitor, where it was displaying every single murder and execution of Mondo’s classmates. Mondo’s eyes widened, “N-No! Stop! Turn it off!” Mondo demanded.

“Don’t worry, my love, soon you’ll be enjoying this.” the mastermind purred into Mondo’s ear.

The mastermind was wrong, there was no way Mondo was going to give in. As Mondo was subjected to the content displayed on the screen more and more, a numbing sensation spread throughout his body. All Mondo could see was red and the corpses of his classmates. It didn't help with the mastermind reminding Mondo of when everyone accused him of murdering Chihiro Fujisaki and the pain Mondo felt when he thought his Taka had been murdered. As soon as Kiyotaka’s  ‘corpse’ appeared on the screen, all the tears that Mondo had been hiding back so well escaped his eye sockets and began to roll down his cheeks. Mondo’s shoulders shook as he tried to hold his tears back. The mastermind smiled and said, “You look so beautiful when you cry.”

It felt like hours before the video ended. Mondo breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank goodness it's over.” he mumbled quietly to himself.

“So, how about now, Mondo? Will you join me and despair?” the mastermind asked.

Mondo looked up at the mastermind and paused. Mondo really wanted to say ‘no’ but at the same time, he also wanted to say ‘yes’. It was like Mondo’s heart and his brain were having a game of Tug-Of-War that was forever in a stalemate. Mondo didn't want to give in to despair but he didn't want to be subjected to anymore torture. “I...I…” Mondo began, although he couldn't muster any other words.

The mastermind looked surprised, “Still? Your resistance is impressive if not extremely annoying. Nevertheless, it’s a good thing the movie we just watched has a squeal.” he said with a grin.

Mondo's eyes widened, horrified. The mastermind laughed before forcing Mondo to look at the screen once again where an entire unedited and uncut recap of The Tragedy was playing. There was a bloodbath all over the screen, it was morbid, it was cruel, it was horrific, it was torture but most of all, it was despair inducing! What felt like centuries later, the video came to a bloody end...Or so Mondo thought, until, a bonus clip played- a clip Mondo had seen too many times before and would much rather forget. It was the clip of Mondo’s brother, Daiya’s, retirement party. More specifically, when Daiya died protecting Mondo from an incoming truck, all because Mondo drove recklessly while trying to beat his brother. It was all Mondo's fault that Daiya died. Just like Mondo's friends, Daiya died because of Mondo. Suddenly, there was a snapping sound in Mondo's head and he knew right there and then that he couldn't take this anymore. Mondo finally broke and succumbed to despair. Mondo's body was trembling, there were tears flowing down his face and he was screaming. The mastermind, now knowing that he has succeeded in sending his love into despair, smiled and gently wrapped his arms around Mondo’s shaking form, gently rubbing his back to try and soothe him. “Shh, calm down, it's alright. I’m here.” Ishimaru gently whispered to Mondo.

Mondo, as if under some kind of spell, immediately calmed down. Ishimaru smiled, “There, we go. Isn't despair good?” he asked.

Mondo nodded eagerly in response before snuggling against Ishimaru’s chest. “I love you as much as I love despair.” Ishimaru said affectionately, in a twisted and confusing way.

Mondo stared adoringly at his new master and love and replied, “I love you and despair too, Taka.”

Taka smiled and kissed Mondo, who happily returned the kiss. Together, they were going to bring despair to the world and anyone who dared to stop them, well…

There were still some execution ideas left over that Taka and Mondo were more than happy to use.
~Master's Pet~
Mondo and Kiyotaka (Friendship) [V2] Heya guys.Mondo and Kiyotaka (Friendship) [V2] 

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Mondo Oowada (Fist) [V3] See ya guys.Kiyotaka Ishimaru (Deduction) [V1] 

Mondo and Kiyotaka (Friendship) [V2] ~ PookieGrace ~Mondo and Kiyotaka (Friendship) [V2] 


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